10 Easy Commercial Cleaning Tips

Many people view the office as a second home. No one likes to work in a dirty, germ-ridden, and rubbish filled office. This can make workers feel undervalued and demotivated. Clients may also be left with a negative impression of the company. These are ten cleaning tips to make your office space clean and inviting.

1. Make a cleaning schedule

There is always the possibility of forgetting to complete tasks when cleaning offices. Everyone involved in cleaning an office should have a plan. This will ensure that they know what tasks to complete and when they must be completed.

2. Declutter

Cleanliness in the office is only possible if there is no clutter. You can declutter your office by doing the following:

  • Recycle any boxes that are no longer required by breaking them down.
  • Take cups and dishes to your kitchen.
  • Take out all rubbish.

These are three simple steps that will make it easier for you to keep your work area clean.

3. Clear Desk

Workers should make sure that their desk is clear of paper, folders, and other items. It is important to clear your desk of all papers, folders and other items so that it can be cleaned easily. Clear policies for the desk will make it easier to clean up.

4. Windows

If windows are not regularly cleaned, dirt and dust can build up quickly. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt and dust buildup and make it difficult for people to see through them. This should be done at least once a year.

5. Emptying the bins

There is a possibility of bins becoming odourless if people eat at their desks. Workers may also overfill bins, potentially creating a safety hazard. Regular emptying of bins is important to ensure that this doesn’t happen. A rubbish bag inside the bin will make it quicker to empty and keep it clean.

6. Computers, Keyboards, and Phones

All desks have dust magnets for keyboards, telephones, and computers. Regular cleaning is essential because germs can be picked up on all of these items. It is a good idea to have a spray and t-shirt handy.

7. Toilets

It is crucial to keep the toilets clean and sterile when it comes down to safety. These are the most frequent places that will see high usage from the many people who use them. Daily cleaning is crucial. Toilets that are not cleaned regularly can become a breeding ground of bacteria, germs and other infectious diseases.

8. Kitchen Areas

After using any dish in the kitchen, it is important to clean up immediately. Also, microwaves should be cleaned immediately after use. It can lead to food getting ruined and making it difficult to clean up.

9. Mopping

Mopping the floors is a common task when cleaning the area. Safety signs should be posted to alert everyone that the floor is slippery.

10. Walkthrough

Take a stroll around the office regularly, following the same route as a client and looking at the surrounding environment. You should see that the office is clean and tidy.


A productive workforce can be made more productive by keeping the office clean and tidy. Clients will also feel a positive impression of the office. It is worth looking into whether a professional cleaning company can be hired to clean the office.

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