10 Innovative Hotel Amenities Ideas To Consider

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What are the most important things that guests look for in a hotel when selecting a hotel? It’s a great way to show your guests appreciation by providing thoughtful and creative amenities. They are also a great marketing tool for hotels and provide guests with an incentive to return.

These 10 unique hotel amenities will make your hotel stand out and encourage guests to return.

1. Complimentary Toiletries

Most people expect to receive complimentary toiletries when they stay in a hotel. The most popular items are shampoo, conditioner, soap, and shower gel in travel size.

For a memorable hotel experience, diversify the types of toiletries you offer. You might also consider offering these amenities as an additional bonus:

  • Toothpaste
  • Remover for makeup
  • Shaving foam
  • Sunscreen
  • After Sun Lotion

Consider wall-mounted refillable dispensers or avoiding single-use plastic bottles if you are concerned about the environment. They are not only better for the environment but also much more affordable. This eco-friendly move could attract more customers since 63% of respondents to a survey in 2021 found that they prefer businesses that care about the environment.

2. Sunscreen Dispensers

Although these are technically included in the complimentary toiletries category, sunscreen dispensers should be given their section to highlight their uniqueness as an added amenity to any hotel or resort.

Legoland Windsor Resort recently received a lot of positive press for its convenient wall-mounted sunscreen dispensers scattered around the park. People have urged other holiday destinations and theme parks to offer the same amenities online. One individual wrote that this was the best idea he had ever seen and should be implemented in all outdoor areas for children.

Add sunscreen dispensers to your hotel’s pool or family hotel to stay ahead of the new trends.

3. Adaptor Plugs and UBS Sockets

There is much debate about whether hotels should provide electrical travel adaptors to their guests. There is a risk with inexpensive plugs. They must be capable of translating different voltages. They have also fired hazards and are very likely to be taken. Some guests might expect that hotels will allow them to use non-UK appliances.

Focus SB, a premium manufacturer of hotel electrical accessories, recommends UBC cable sockets.

The one gang or two-gang 13 amp socket with a built-in USB charger is a simple, inexpensive option that many hoteliers now choose to install. It is becoming more common to standardize the operating and charging voltages of mobile phones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices. These devices come with standard USB connectors charging leads. The hotel operator can reap the benefits of retrofitting or installing USB charger sockets.

4. Book Exchange

People travel to holiday destinations to get away from the daily grind and reconnect with the real world. A real, printed book is a great way to do this. Book exchanges are a great way for hotels to fulfil customer needs and promote a sense of community among their guests.

InterContinental Hotels Group found that 85% of hotel guests believe a well-curated book collection enhances the hotel experience. A library or book swap service is also a popular feature that makes hotels feel warm, homey, and welcoming. Philip Blackwell, the founder of Ultimate Library, believes that a well-designed library can directly impact hotel revenue.

Blackwell stated, “We’ve received blogs where people have said that they were checking out and then found the library. Three hours later, I was still there and stayed for lunch.” People dwell for longer. Another business case states that people who are enthralled by it share it on social media. This boosts your ratings and makes it more popular. A well-curated collection of books can add a certain lustre to people’s perceptions. You can see the payback, and, in fact, investing in a book collection can have a greater impact on people’s perceptions of your brand and overall intelligence than any other investment.

5. Coworking Spaces and Offices

Event attendees, business travellers and planners might need to work during their stay. You can provide coworking space for people who prefer to work in a coffee shop atmosphere. This room could even be used as a coffee shop or operated coffee machine. To create a positive business atmosphere, provide large desks with comfortable chairs, plenty of electrical outlets, and stationery for your guests.

6. Renting Facilities

For a small fee, offer your guests the chance to rent or buy amenities from your hotel. It could include various items, depending on which hotel you own. You could rent items suitable for children, such as flippers, pool inflatables, and rollerblades if you own a resort.

You might also be able to sell suncream, pool sliders and goggles.

It would help if you thought about the attractions your guests might like to visit. You could provide backpacks, hiking poles or windbreakers if outdoor activities or hiking trails.

If your hotel has a court for tennis, or if the equipment matches your destination, you could rent it. For guests who enjoy being outdoors, you could also offer equipment for badminton or tennis on-site.

7. Lobby Charging Stations

The best reception areas/lobbies are the ones that provide services for guests. Extra amenities and “freebies” will make your guests feel special.

We expect facilities to accommodate our growing dependence on our smartphones. For guest convenience, offer charging stations that can charge multiple types of devices. Guests should be able to rest and monitor their devices. You might also consider lockers that have built-in chargers.

8. Luxury Electrical Appliances

Your budget, brand image and type of guests will all influence the equipment you choose to equip your rooms with.

A kettle and an iron are standard equipment. Luxury hotels can exceed guests’ expectations and offer premium equipment. Market Street Hotel, Glasgow, has been praised for its Dyson hairdryers and GHD straighteners. This is a great addition that was not overlooked by their TripAdvisor guests, who have mentioned it in almost one-third of their TripAdvisor reviews.

A coffee maker could be a great addition to appeal to coffee enthusiasts. These are thoughtful, clever additions to the usual assortment of herbal teas or artisan coffee sachets.

In-room Cocktail Stations

In-room cocktail stations allow guests to be creative. You could have mini-bar spirits and sliced fruits, herbs and infusions. For a truly unique mixology experience, a cocktail recipe book, fancy shakers, glassware and ice can be accompanied. This cocktail cart can be rented by hotel guests or included in bridal or honeymoon packages as a surprise.

10. Advanced Hotel Technology

Epos Now’s award-winning Hotel POS system gives you complete control over everything, from the front desk to your restaurant kitchen. Hotel managers will benefit from the multifunctional point-of-sale (POS) platform’s superior speed and efficiency.

  • You can quickly and easily list available rooms online.
  • Transmit electronic receipts and accept digital payments, making transactions more efficient and faster.
  • You can quickly and securely make cash, card, or contactless payments.
  • Configure room pricing for holidays, weekends, quarters, and other occasions.
  • Cloud technology allows you to manage all aspects of your hotel in one place.
  • You can view bookings, customer information and staff details on any internet-enabled device or our PCI-5 DSS-approved hardware.
  • A powerful booking website can help you reach more customers. You can also integrate your existing booking system with your POS to import your data.
  • Recommend repeat visits with loyalty programs, reward schemes, incentives, and marketing offers.
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