11 Things To Do In Hotel Quarantine To Fight Off The Boredom

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The idea of hotel quarantine is not something that people are excited about. It’s not fun to be stuck in a hotel room for an extended period. However, being forced to quarantine in a hotel room is a great way to lose any comforts you might have at home. It is impossible to sleep in your room, cook your meals or entertain yourself the way you would normally. These two things may not be within your control, but you can make the most suitable hotel quarantine decisions for you.

Hotel Quarantine: Keeping busy

When in hotel quarantine, distractions are essential. Trust me; I am in hotel quarantine right now. As you wait to be released, time slows down. There is no place to be and nowhere to go. You might believe that Netflix watching is the best way to go. Some might be more focused on work, believing that this is the only way to achieve productivity. Both approaches are likely to get boring quickly and only increase boredom.

Variety is my favourite thing. Mixing different activities gives you options and breaks down the day into smaller chunks. You’ll need to include various activities in your daily life to ensure you have enough variety.

So, I thought I would share my ideas and take some inspiration from activities programs such as the Victorian Government. This is how to get rid of boredom in hotel quarantine, which looks set to become a regular part of travel for many years to come.

Just a little exercise

It’s possible to stay in one place for up to 14 days. This will make it very inactive for two weeks. You won’t get sick if you alternate between sitting, lying down and walking to the toilet. This is unless you put in the effort to change it.

Although it is difficult to exercise in a hotel room, there are many options. To increase your step count, you can walk around the room in a circular motion. I can walk 15 steps between one end and the other of the room. I do this at different points in the day.

You can also do a home workout, a more intense option. These workouts don’t require any equipment, and there are many online resources. You will feel more energetic and less lethargic after a good workout.

Yoga and stretching

The downside to being inactive is the discomfort resulting from too much sitting or lying down. It is important to take some time every day to stretch your muscles, especially your back.

You might consider dedicating a portion of your day to yoga. Yoga is more than just stretching. It also includes elements such as mindfulness and meditation. You’ll be able to cope with the subtle and obvious stresses of quarantine if you spend some time practising yoga.

There are many great resources online for beginners, such as me. You can even find free courses on government websites, such as this one at Wellbeing Victoria.

Learn a language

When looking for activities in hotel quarantine, something like learning a new language is the best. To keep you busy, activities should be engaging and constructive. Mastering a foreign language is a great option.

This has been an opportunity to get back in touch with my language practice after being a little lazy over the past year. Duolingo has improved my Spanish skills and is currently my favourite activity. It’s a valuable life skill that can also be used for travel, so it’s a win-win.

Continue reading

Quarantine is the best place to read for bookworms. A perfect environment for reading allows you to have lots of time and has very few interruptions. It will be more difficult if you prefer to read with ink and paper. You can only fit so many paperbacks in your luggage.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be novels and books that you read. You might spend more time studying current affairs and global events. You could also explore the depths and articles of a blog that interests you, hint hint.

Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts, which engages another sense of the brain, is similar to reading. Podcasts can be just as engaging as listening to music and even provoke thought. I usually listen to podcasts casually, but I have found them valuable in my hotel quarantine.

Two podcasts that I enjoy and have started listening to are the Travel Goals Podcast and How Not to Travel. These podcasts are great if you want to think deeper about travel or enjoy being entertained. You can find them on Spotify, iTunes, or anywhere else with podcasts.

Online Courses

Online courses are the best way to feel accomplished during quarantine, and they’re probably the most productive. Online courses do not necessarily have to lead to a formal qualification. It is more important that you are interested in the course, either professionally or personally. For a wide range of options, you can look at websites like Skillshare and Udemy.

I had many online courses and resources that I had saved from earlier in the year, which I can now use. Although not all of them were as pertinent as I had hoped, it was a relief to be able to sort through them. It’s not something I often have time for, so it was nice to look at my work differently.

Meet People

The most difficult thing about being in quarantine is the isolation. Even with all the modern technology available, you feel disconnected from the outside. It can be even more difficult if you are quarantining yourself. It’s important to check in with others, just as it is during the lockdown.

It doesn’t matter if you’re calling, sending messages, or trading emails with them. It’s worth the effort to get to know people. Even if you feel a little anxious, they won’t mind. You may be less likely to get back to them if they see you are cut off.

Be creative

This is the one thing I can’t say I did during my quarantine. I don’t have any artistic skills and would not know where to begin with something like this. But, I’ve read that drawing, colouring, and doodling are great ways to get through the quarantine or lockdown.

This one might be a bit more complicated, so plan. You could ask the staff at your hotel to give you their suggestions.

Try journaling

Journaling can be described as the writer’s equivalent to drawing and doodling. It allows you to clear your head by writing words. Journaling can be done in a notebook or diary, but it also works well in a notes app. It helps you to process and understand the situation.

There are many ways to approach your journal. There is no right or wrong way. You can use it to keep track of your activities while you are locked away. You can also focus on the future and express your excitement about what lies ahead of you when you leave the hotel. You can combine them all; it’s up to you.

Follow-up on Chores

Although it may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, why not tackle those chores you have been putting off? After returning from a long time overseas, I had many small things to do. These things can be done now, so you don’t have to think about them later.

Why not clean out your inbox and fight climate change if you don’t know any?

You might be wondering what these two things have in common. They are stored in data centres, unread emails in your mailbox consume energy. Carbon emissions are caused by the energy used to store unread emails. You can declutter your inbox and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Silly Games and Activities

These quarantine activities were often very serious and meaningful, and that’s all fine and dandy. It’s fine to have fun with things if you find it more entertaining. You don’t have to spend all your time on meaningless activities or games.

It’s playing paper toss for me. You can crumble some paper and set up your “clean” rubbish bin. Then, practice your aim. You can move about the room or get out of the way of the rubbish bin every time it is brought in. This is a great way of wasting time, and it also encourages you to move around the room. You can also make a house out of cards or create a blanket fort using your towels and linen. These are great for children in quarantine. However, we all have the right to be little children sometimes.

Tips for Hotel Quarantine

  • Although I’ve placed a lot of emphasis on productivity during quarantine, it is important to remember your mental health. It’s okay not to be able to do some of these things. Be kind to yourself and do what you can.
  • If you have the option, I recommend lying down as much as possible. Even if your bed is only on one side, move around and try different places.
  • This is your chance to get away from the outside world and deal with jetlag. You won’t be able to see the outside world, but quarantine allows you to avoid any daily commitments.
  • Once you have adjusted to your time zone, try to maintain your routine activities such as showering, eating and changing clothes. The experience will be slightly more normal if you try to keep it as normal as possible.
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