6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets!

These handy tips can help you get started, no matter if you’re looking to remodel your whole kitchen or just a few items.

Cabinets are one the most important decisions that you can make in a kitchen remodel.

A new look is essential, but how can you select the right pieces to create a stunning kitchen?

Choose a Profile for a Cabinet Door First

Cabinet doors are one of the most prominent design elements in your kitchen. You can narrow down your options by choosing a profile for your cabinet doors. These are some of the samples I was able to select from at Thomasville.

I knew that I wanted a modern, timeless look but with a classic feel. I wanted something different from what I had in my current kitchen. The slab looked great, but I found it a little too modern. The recessed square was my favorite because it is simple and has a decorative edge that adds a beautiful design element. It’s easy to make the next decision once you have made that decision.

Choose Your Favorite Cabinet Doors Styles

Next, choose the style. This can often be narrowed down by your budget. The choices are easier when you have your budget and door profile in place. Thomasville has many beautiful styles. You can visit the store to view samples and take photos of your top 3 to 4 styles on your smartphone. You should only take four photos and not go back to the cabinet samples. Take a look at your photos and remove the ones that you don’t like. You should now be able to choose the best cabinet door style.

Know your wood type and color

Most of us are familiar with the color and finish we want for our cabinets. Ask your kitchen designer if you’re not sure what type of wood to use.

It’s a joy for me to say good-bye to dark cherry cabinets. I’m excited to welcome bright white cabinet doors to my home! It will be so much different!

Once you have decided on the style and finish of your cabinets, consider how your kitchen will function. You are the cook, baker, and cleaner in your kitchen so you know what works best. KItchen Suppliers is a combination of beauty and function, which is a great thing for us!

Consider both Beauty and Function

There are many options when it comes to choosing new cabinets. I chose to have more drawers underneath my counter tops than shelves. This will be a pleasant change! There are many ways to personalize your style with decorative or textured glass doors.

Quiet Close is a brand you may have heard of. It is a premium hardware product that attaches to the hinge. The door will close when it is 1 inch from closing. This allows for a quiet, smooth self-closing action. This feature is standard on Thomasville doors. They shut completely by themselves, so no more children slamming on doors or leaving drawers open. This is the one function I want in kitchen cabinet design.

Organization is an important part of decision making

It is important to have a well-organized kitchen. It is important to think about how you use your kitchen most often and how it will function over the years as your family grows.

Thomasville offers many organization options, including utensil drawer pullouts and a wall message centre. You can find the right idea to organize your kitchen cabinets.

Maximize Every Inch

You want to make the most of every inch. A happy kitchen makes you happier! Your kitchen island is a great way to maximize space.

Do you need bar stools? Or will you use the whole space for cabinet organization Are you looking for a Super Cabinet, lazy Susan or a pullout pots and pans?

KItchen Suppliers offers a wide range of options to help you design the kitchen that best suits your needs.


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