Office Furniture Buying Guide

When starting or operating an office, the commercial furniture used to create workspaces for employees is not usually a top priority. But office design is often overlooked. It can be a powerful tool for success. Employees who are satisfied with their work environment are 12% more productive and 20% more productive than the competition. Your office layout and furniture can impact your happiness and success.

This guide will explain why you should rethink the furniture you buy for your office and how to choose the right options to fit your company and employees. Here are things to remember when purchasing office furniture and how these factors can impact your final buying decision.

Everything starts with the price.

The price is the most important factor in any purchase. It can be costly to fill an office with furniture. The square footage of an office is a key factor in determining the furniture cost. Most furniture suppliers will estimate this based on that space. Low-end office furniture, for example, can be as low as $40 per square meter. Your office can be 2,000 square meters, so that it will cost $80,000. The quality of the furniture can make this price rise quickly. The price of a high-end office can be significantly higher than one that is the same size.

There are many prices available if you buy furniture pieces individually. It would help to choose pieces within your budget but still provide the style and comfort you want.

Your Office Furniture Reflects Your Brand and Culture

Are clients coming to your office often? You are fortunate to have loyal customers. Brand loyal customers spend 67% more than customers who are new to the business. This is why your space should reflect your brand.

Your company’s office furniture and design will make visitors feel old. Your furniture should reflect your company’s brand image and enhance your company culture, not distract from it.

You should pay extra attention to your office chairs.

It would be best if you spent more time selecting the right office furniture. Your staff and you are likely to sit for extended periods every day. To endure this monotonous activity, you need the right type of chair that provides the support and comfort needed.

Think about the flow of your office design

One time, cubicles and simple office furniture were the norms for office design. This design is still very popular. It helps employees focus by separating workstations with cubicle walls. They don’t get distracted by the work of their neighbors.

Open-plan office designs are growing in popularity. Studies show that 75% of workers consider teamwork an essential part of their work environment.

It’s not always the best office furniture!

There are four main qualities we look for in furniture beyond price: style, comfort and durability. We’re likely to sacrifice one or more of these qualities. The most durable office chairs might not be the most beautiful to look at. A high-end office chair could have style and comfort but may not be functional.

You don’t have to spend a lot on furniture for an office that doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, consider the characteristics you need and choose furniture pieces that fit those criteria.


Although office furniture is often dull, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Many business owners don’t realize how much goes into purchasing office furniture. This guide will help you find the best office furniture solution for your company and employees.

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