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Blue is the primary color of stability, serenity, or health. Blue is a calm color that helps boost creativity and relieves your mood. Blue color combinations are highly demanded by interior designers for bedroom walls, as they create a sense of calm and peace. The designers choose the blue color to make a statement in the bedroom.

This blog on home decor will reveal the most stylish two-color combinations of Blue that will be perfect for your bedroom walls.

Blue combinations for bedroom walls

This list includes the 17 best blue color combinations for bedroom walls in 2023.

Royal Blue and Sky Blue Colours for the Bedroom

We have the best two-colour blue bedroom combination if you want to stick with the blue color. For bedroom walls, light shades of blue such as sky blue and any other pastel shade, go well with darker hues of blue, like royal Blue and Navy blue. The accent wall can be painted sky blue, and the other divisions of the bedroom are Royal Blue. This bedroom color scheme is a great way to add zing to your room.

Choose a light-blue statement wallpaper to add a modern look to your bedroom.

Sky blue and dark sky blue are two colors that can be used for bedroom walls.

Coastal Blue & Coral – Blue Two-Color Combination For Bedroom Walls

Here is another beautiful and breezy blue two-color combination for the bedroom – Coastal Blue With Coral. The coastal blue shade is a lighter blue. This combination of colors for your bedroom walls will give it a lively feel. Combining coastal Blue with coral pink can be magical.

Blue and Yellow Colour

The bedroom will look unique with the use of blue and yellow shades. They add creativity, brightness, and a fresh feel. The sunlight enchants the room when you have walls painted sky blue with bright yellow accents. This color combination can be replicated in the children’s bedrooms to add a lovely touch. Bright colors can also make your bedroom seem larger, giving it a more immersive feeling.

Blue and Red Colour

The color red is associated with warmth. It is a color of passion and energy. It is essential to balance your bedroom as red adds warmth and blue coolness. Opt for a lighter shade when choosing red to make the combination perfect.

Blue and Beige Colour

Beige is a color that represents work, and it adds an individual touch to your bedroom. Lighter shades of color also make the bedroom appear more prominent. Blue and Beige will create a relaxed and calm look.

Dark Blue and White Colour

White is synonymous with innocence and works well with a darker shade. Bright white with Dark Blue and Indigo creates a sense of space in the bedroom. White paint is a popular choice for bedroom walls.

Mint Blue with Grey Colour

The Grey color represents balance in one’s life. The dull, neutral grey is enhanced by pairing it with a vibrant color such as mint blue. Mint Blue looks great on bedroom walls. The combination of Mint Blue with Grey is a good choice.

Turquoise with Beige Colour

Pairing a lighter color with a neutral is another excellent option. When paired with the right furniture, Beige, and Turquoise create a feeling of oceans and beaches. This combination is perfect for adding a touch of beach to your bedroom.

Blue and Orange Colour

Orange is a color that represents warmth, happiness, excitement, and sunlight. If balanced correctly, Blue and Orange can bring positivity to your life. To get the best experience, you should add a darker Blue shade to the Orange. This combination will help you to discover your creativity.

Blue and white Colour

Blue complements the color White like no other. White is a color of innocence, purity, serenity, and balance. You can find Blue and White in many friends or relatives. This combination will add to the composition of your life.

Blue and grey color

Grey is a new shade of Blue. Grey is a great color to pair with a light shade of Blue to give the bedroom an industrial feel. People often choose the Blue and Gray combination for their bedroom.

Blue and Black Colour

Black is a color that represents power and elegance. Black with a lighter shade will balance the dark shadows and look stunning. It can be paired with a vibrant color ceiling for a vibrant bedroom.

Blue and Lavender Colour

The color lavender currently dominates the interior design world. It can be combined with Blue to create an elegant and glamorous theme in your bedroom. The greyish blue accent wall with bedding and wall painting in a soothing mixture of different purple tones looks pleasing to the eye. A gold lamp and a fresh flower finish off the theme of this bedroom.

Blue and Dark Blue Colour

It may seem odd, but combining a lighter shade with a deeper one on your bedroom walls works fine. You can see the image above as proof.

Navy Blue and Mauve Wall Color

Mauve is a color that represents purity, youth, and devotion. Navy blue and mauve will complement your bedroom walls perfectly. A famous saying says that those who choose mauve color are hopeless romantics.

Sky Blue with White Stripes Color

The white color will add the perfect touch to any shade of Blue. You can use a lighter blue shade with white stripes to create a stunning look on your bedroom walls.

China’s Blue and Rosy Beige Color

Rosy Beige is another combination of beige and blue shades. Your bedroom will look charming with beige walls in a china blue shade. See the magic of matching pillows.

Warm Blue and Burnt Yellow Colour

Choose both shades to create a positive atmosphere in your bedroom. Warm Blue and yellow will lift your mood and add positivity.

Blue and pink

Blue and pink are vibrant colors that create a calming yet glamorous vibe. Paint the accent wall in your bedroom dark pink, then paint all other walls white and pink to create a perfect color combination. To achieve a blue-pink theme, use a subtle mix of these two hues in a lighter shade on the bedding.

Blue and three-color combinations for bedroom walls

Blue Dusty Rose with Gold

Combining subtle pastel shades will create a feminine, elegant color scheme. Pink and blue colors add charm to any room. With floral patterns on the walls, you can flex in this room.

Soft Blue with Peach and White

Lighter shades give the combination a relaxing effect. The walls will look great with the blue-peach white hue, while the soft peach color of the floors will compliment the walls nicely.

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