Carpet Cleaning At Home: 13 Insider Tips That Can Save You Tons Of Money

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In many homes, carpeting is still a popular choice for flooring. No matter the reason you choose carpeting, it’s important to keep them clean.

Carpets are subject to a lot of foot traffic. This means that they can collect dirt, grime and dust mites. These elements can compromise the luxury feel and appearance of your carpet cover flooring. These elements can also cause indoor air quality problems and worsen asthma symptoms.

It is important to vacuum your carpets on a regular basis. It is recommended to vacuum your carpets at least once per week, or daily in areas with pets or high traffic. But it should not be the only way you clean.

We want to share with you some top carpet cleaning tips to save money and get more life out your carpet.

You can treat stains immediately and correctly

Mishaps occur. It could be a stain from coffee or tea, blood, juice, or artwork that was left behind by a child. You should remove the stains immediately and treat them with care.

  • To Prevent discoloration, it is important not to rub or scrub the stain.
  • Start at the edges and gently clean the stain using a cloth.
  • Mud prints should be dried and removed after drying.

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Use a Window Squeegee to Remove Pet Hair

Use a window squeegee to remove pet hair

  • Squeegees were not meant for windows, according to who?
  • Use a damp squeezegee to move the item side-to-side.
  • Continue to do this until you get rid of all hair strands!

It’s so easy!

Clean Carpet with a Clothes Iron

If you are able to act quickly, blotting stains can work. Sometimes stains may occur that you don’t notice. You can fix dry stains with a clothes iron.

It is great for getting rid of dried stains.

  1. Vacuum the carpet.
  2. Mix Vinegar and Water (1:3), then spray it. (Wait 5 mins)
  3. Put a towel on the spot.
  4. Place the heated iron on the towel and apply a small amount of pressure (10 seconds).
  5. The stain will move over the towel.
  6. You can do it again. You can do it again.
  7. Vacuum again.

Oil Stain Buster – Baking Soda Or Corn Starch

Baking soda and corn starch, regardless of the oil spilled on your carpet are great oil absorbents.

  • Apply powder to cover the stain.
  • Use light pressure to brush the powder into fibers.
  • After 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, a dry crust will appear that you can easily remove.
  • Make sure to clean the powder
  • Use Dishwashing Detergent to clean your toothbrush.
  • Use warm water to clean the detergent.

Let it dry.

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Carpet De-Odouriser

Baking soda can also be used as a deodorizer. Baking soda can penetrate carpet fibers to neutralize pet urine and other odors. You can vacuum the particles.

  • You are right! Baking soda can be used to get rid of that unpleasant stench
  • Allow the soda to sit for several hours, until it becomes odorless.
  • If you smell a strong foul odor, leave it alone for the entire night.

You can remove excess liquid by using a towel or dry cloth. After the carpet has been dried, vacuumed and dried, any unpleasant odors should disappear.

You can melt the wax away

  • Use the hot iron to lightly press the bag/paper towel you have placed on the hardened wax.
  • Heat can cause wax to shift onto the material.
  • You can repeat the process with clean areas.
  • Optional: You can also treat it with alcohol.

Use Ice Cubes to Freeze the Gum

Chewing gum can easily find its way onto carpets when there are children in the home. Even if you don’t have children or aren’t a gum chewer it’s possible to sneak sticky stuff into your home through the soles of your shoes.

  • For 30 seconds, place the ice cube pouch onto the gum.
  • To remove it, use a butter knife.
  • If you have a stain on your cloth, soak it in soap + 1 drop of vinegar and then clean it.

Rubbing Alcohol for Nail Polish Stains

Oops! Oops! Nail polish can be a disaster on your flooring material.

  • Allow the nail polish to dry before you use a butter knife to remove it.
  • Use alcohol to dampen a piece of white cloth and gently rub the nail polish onto it.

To dry it, dry it with a towel.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Blood Stains

You may get irritated by unsightly stains left behind by blood. However, your carpet won’t be destroyed forever. You can get rid of unsightly bloodstains with the hydrogen peroxide method.

Use a kitchen paper towel for blotting fresh stains. To loosen bloodstains that have dried, you can use mild detergent with water. Use a dull knife to remove any stains from the rug.

Next, apply hydrogen peroxide on the stained area. To get the solution into the carpet fibers, scrub the area with a toothbrush. It should be left for about 10 to 15 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide will produce foam and fizz.

Use a paper towel to remove any peroxide or blood residue.

Use Lint Rollers After Vacuuming

Lint rollers are able to remove small fibres from fabrics, clothing, and linen. They also have a certain amount of stickiness. To remove any small particles from the carpet, use Lint Rollers following vacuuming.

Unexpected DIY Carpet Cleaner- Shaving Cream

  • Use only white shaving cream and not dyed or greasy.
  • Let the cream sit for at least one hour before you wipe it off with a towel or a cloth.
  • Spray the solution (white vinegar + water), and wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • Let it dry.

Use eco-friendly carpet cleaners

  • Always choose eco-friendly carpet cleaners as a responsible citizen!

Organic cleaner can be used in most cases by spraying directly on the stain and then gently scrubbing. To clean up any stains or cleaner, use a damp white towel.

Do not forget to deep clean your carpets regularly

For a deep clean, use a Deep Cleaning Machine often!

The carpet backing and fibers can be penetrated by deep cleaning machines. They are able to remove dirt, grime and deep stains effectively.

The Final Word

These are all the carpet cleaning hacks that we can think of right now. These are not meant to replace professional carpet cleaning. For some carpet stains, specialised cleaning machines and solutions may be required.

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